Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Seth Freeman

If it wasn't for family, we would NEVER go to Texas. As you can see from all the pictures below, our faces are shiny from sweat because it is so HOT and HUMID. Despite our dislike for the weather in Texas, we went to show our love and support for my cousin, Seth, and his beautiful wife, Katie.

The newlyweds!

Baby Mia (my cousin, Matthew's baby)


Kalani (my cousin's Tara's son)

In front of the room that Seth and Katie were sealed in


Our Beauty

Our precious Jazzy

The Girls

Ashley, Erika, and Jeree

Desea holding hands with Jazzy

wearing Auntie's shoes

The first dance

Desea couldn't keep her hands off Kalani. She is going to be bummed when she learns that he is her cousin:)
Auntie and Jazz

Million dollar smile!

It never fails . . . my dad can fall asleep anywhere, even if music is blasting in the background

Nama and Jazzy

The cousins playing in the chair linens during clean-up

The Ranch

Mother's Day weekend we went to Texas. First on our agenda was Comfort, Texas to visit with Papaw. The girls loved it. They couldn't get enough of their great-grandpa and all the wide open space.

Desea in the chicken coop.

The chickens.
The black chickens are the ones that Anita (Lex's mom) raised when she was there for 2 months.

Jazzy being cute:)

Uncle Eddie, Coco, Ginger, Jazzy, Lex, Desea, and Papaw

Anita's garden