Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Time in La Jolla

The weather at the beach couldn't be any more perfect! Jazzy loves eating the sand and being in the water. Desea could play in the sand all day long if I would let her. The love for the beach is in their blood!

Kalia, Jazzy, and Desea playing in the water

Roko making fish in the sand

Jazzy Fe

Koa and his boogy board


Silly girl taking advantage of mommy taking pictures so she can put handfuls of sand in her mouth

Pretty girl Kalia

My not so girly girl who loves being dirty

Eating more stinkin' sand

Cousins being buried by Uncle Darren


For those of you who don't know, I am pregnant. I am now 13 weeks and my due date is January16, 2010. At the time Desea did this, I was still in the beginning of the first trimester and feeling really nauscious. Being sick and making dinner DO NOT mix well with this pregnancy. For weeks I wasn't able to make any food. Apparently, Desea was hungary because she helped herself to the pantry and grabbed the cheerios. Within seconds the whole bag was on the floor and she was going at it! It is times like these that Lex and I laugh and take a picture for a lasting memory. When she was done eating, she did have to pick them up and put it in the trash:)

Chula Vista Nature Center

My sister-in-law, Mel, and I took our kids to the Chula Vista Nature Center. Most of the animals have been injured, so the center takes them in and gives them a chance to survive. I have never been before, but I highly recommend it. It has aquariums, exhibits, and shark/sting ray petting. It is small enough to see everything in an hour or two, but big enough for the kids to love. Our kids had a blast!

Learning about the local animals.

The cousins in a Clapper Rail nest.

Admiring the sea turtles

Jazzy was such a good sport! She stayed in the stroller the entire time and made the best of it:)

Kalia and Desea at the leopard shark tank

Ikaika petting the sting ray

Desea helping herself to petting the animals

Cousins on the bus ride back to the car
Koa, Kalia, Roko, Desea, and Ikaika

Lex went to Baja for a week in June. They usually bring home coolers filled of fish, but the conditions were horrible. However, he shot his first fish ever with his spear gun. It was one of the four fish caught for the week.

Desea isn't scared one bit of the things Lex catches in the ocean. She was actually trying to take a bite of the fish. Silly girl!
My Lovey is so proud of this picture. He was so excited that I was willing to pose in a picture with his catch:)