Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Carina & Brian's Wedding

My Mom, Me, Ash, and Stevie at the temple

Me and Aimee (our roomie)

The girls of the family (missing Sarah:()

The Lovies!

Our Family


Juj sneeking in for a pic with Carina and Me

My Dad with the girls in his life


The Perry Family said...

Why do you and Lex have such a good looking family?! And how lucky is your dad with all those ladies in his life?!

Anita &; Mike Miller said...

All of you look great! I miss all of you!

Mike_Bori Riggins said...

Hey erika,i've been following your blog since you posted on myfamily. I love your girls. they are so sweet and precious and beautiful. They make me happy. You guys all do. I love you.