Monday, September 28, 2009

Nicole's Bachelorette Party

A bunch of us got together to celebrate one of Nicole's last nights of being single. Aimee rented a karaoke room for Nicole's Bachelorette Party. We ate appetizers, drank soda, had fun with some props, played a game and sang for hours. It was a blast!

The bride with her bridesmaids

Talitha, Brook, Stephanie, Nicole, Diane, Meagan, Aimee
Jaime and Me

Me, Aimee, and Talitha

Nicole and Aimee rockin' out with some props

Me and Girlfriend (one of my nicknames for her)

Nicole, Aimee, and Talitha

Brook being cute

Meagan struttin' her stuff

Stevie and Jaime singing "just a small town girl . . ."

Me and Stevie showing off our red lips for the game we played

Here are again with some masks

Thanks Aimee for a fun girls night out!


Kipn n' Sarah said...

O MY GOSH that looks like it was one of the funnest Bachelorette moments EVER!!!

Amanda said...

Last time I saw Nicole she was just a kid! Wow, crazy that she is married. Looks like so much fun!

The Perry Family said...

You guys are so fun! Must have been a great time! Where's te pic of the decorations you and Amiee did?

Drew Watts said...

Wow, Nicole's Bachelorette Party was amazing to see. I enjoyed this party a lot. I am also in need of the best San Francisco venues for my birthday bash. I want to throw a huge party and also need suggestions for the fun party theme. Please suggest some venues and themes!