Tuesday, November 18, 2008

At the Park

San Diego finally got some cool weather, so I dressed my girls in pants and long sleeves. Well, the cool weather didn't last very long. I think we had Fall weather for a total of two days. I wasn't prepared when I decided to meet my sister at a park in Rancho San Diego. When we got there, it was close to 90 degrees. Thankfully, there is a spary zone. Desea couldn't take her clothes off fast enough. She was so excited to play with the water. I didn't have a bathing suit with me, so she was cuma (white trash) for a while running around with only a diaper on.

She thought she was so cool walking around without her clothes!


Kasey said...

that looks like an awesome park! Desea is so cute I love her! We must go there sometime for sure!

site copyrighted 2008 said...

the weather looks wonderful, especially from my (freezing) missouri perspective