Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The San Diego Zoo

For Mother's Day, my mom bought Lex and I passes to the Zoo. I go about once a month. A couple of weeks ago was the first time Lex used his pass. We finally made it to the Zoo as a family. I know that I don't have any pictures of animals, but I don't care about them as much as the moments of my family.

People try telling me that Jasmine looks exactly like me. They have it all wrong. This is Lex's look to a T!

Desea can't get enough of the monkeys. She stands in front of the glass with a huge smile on her face, yelling monkey sounds to anyone who comes near her.

This is Desea with Abby (one of the kids my sister nannies.)

I just LOVE the daddy daughter moments!


Dacia said...

Family outings are the best! Wish we had a zoo like San Diego!

Mashaide said...

I might have to agree with you that Jas looks a lot like Lex. Such beautiful girls. Love 'em miss 'em.