Friday, December 19, 2008


Last month we went to Utah for Curtis and Sadie's wedding. Here are some pictures. . .

These are my favorite type of pictures when it comes to me and Lex.


It is a tradition in the Olayan family for the guys to do the Haka at each wedding. It is their way of saying welcome!

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Olayan

This is the beautiful bride. Welcome to the family, Sadie!

Jasmine's smile lights up a room.

Daddy and Desea posing.


Shannon said...

I know I was there but the pix are still fun. Merry Christmas

sdheinens said...

Cute pictures!!! Everybody looks so cute in all of them.

Kasey said...

I love the pics! We missed you while you were gone! Jazzy's smile is really precious she is gorgeous! Have a Merry Christmas and I am sad to miss the lobster feast!

Jeannie & Danny said...

Finally! Jazzy is so cute! I love that smile! Looks like the wedding was fun. I'm sorry we'll miss the lobster fest too, but we will be there next year!