Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm such a slacker!

Procrastination is not my best quality.
This post is really late, and so are the ones to come.
Unfortunately I am always saying
"Better late than never!"
Because Lex and I are too poor to buy our family presents for Christmas,
we decided to start a new tradition . . .
This is our fourth year having this Christmas dinner.
Every year it gets bigger and bigger.
More family means more lobster and more food.
Starting in October, Lex free dives for the lobster.
This year we cooked about 75 lobsters.
On the menu . . .
Homemade Rolls
Crawfish Corn Chowder
Fruit Salad
Mac Salad
Fried Rice
Grilled Lobster
Lobster Dynamite
Dessert Buffet

These are the Lobster Dynamite. Lobster and crab mixed with a
dynamite sauce and then baked. Mmmmm!

Grilled Lobster!

The best ever fried rice.

Desea has a sweet tooth just like her Papa Red. This is how she started off the night.

Here are some random pics . . .

Auntie Mashaide and Desea

Uncle Russ, John and Justin

Juj, Greg, Aunt Cheryl, Aunt Jeanette and Jazzy

Jackie (Sarah's Aunt), Sarah, and Patty (Sarah's Mom)

Mikey, Cassidy, Bori, and Kristin

Aunt Sandy and my Mom

Bishop Atoll, Grandpa Lap (Margie's Dad), Margie, Tanner, and Omni

E-man, Brad, Carrie, Charity, Grama Cordy, Grampa Norris, Ash, and Wes

Ryan, Anita, Christie, Robert, Mike and Ann

Elder Cline and Elder Call

Mashaide and Rocky

Scoot and Jared

My Lovey and I


Shannon said...

Yum! Just once in my life I have to make it to one of your Lobster Fests. The pictures are always incredible. I can't believe 75!! Lex is a crazy man. Nice of both of you to do all of that. Someday. Sigh.

Kasey said...

Dub said it was sooooo good! I am bummed I missed it! Hopefully next year we will be able to make it!

sdheinens said...

So yummy! I still think Lex is CRAZY getting the lobster but its awesome. Oh and you are sooo right...better late then never.

Jeannie & Danny said...

Its about time! Good to see all the pictures of the empty plates and full stomachs at the lobster dinner! Next year!

The Perry Family said...

You're right, better late than never. Thanks for posting! I love seeing what you guys are up to, or were up to. Love ya guys!