Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Easter

Reef's baby blessing was the same day as Easter. All the family and friends got to celebrate together. It was lots of fun for the cousins.

There were hundreds of eggs for the kids to find. Instead of a basket filled with eggs, Desea showed me a basket filled with a star fish. For some reason Nick and Candy had it in their yard.

Our little Stepford Wife. Not really!

I can't get over the funny cheese face, it kills me!

Could there be a prettier family?
John, Sarah, and Taije

Jazzy (8 months) Desea (22 months) Taije (4 months) Reef (1 week)

Taije in a purple shirt with matching vest and slacks
Does it surprise you!?

Twins Jazzy and Halle

Funny kids
Courtney, Ikaika, Kalia, Kaylee, Desea, and Roko

Still playing at the end of the day

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Dacia said...

so cute! Wish we could have been down to play too!