Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stinkin' Auntie

We were at my parents' house for dinner one night. Uncle Jared was playing with Jasmine and let her play with a sucker. I wasn't too worried because the plastic was still on and Jared was supervising. Lex and I have a rule (within reason) "if you can open it then you can have some." Next thing I know, Jasmine is going to town on the sucker. Jared promised that he didn't open it. I thought it was cute so I took a picture. That night I was telling my mom the story and my dad starts to laugh hysterically. He couldn't believe that I really thought that Jasmine opened it all by herself. Come to find out Auntie Ash opened it! So much for thinking it was so cute.


Kipn n' Sarah said...

That is a good rule to have and Auntie Ash is smart :) that's what auntie's are for right??? She looks SO HAPPY in this picture! She is beautiful!

The Perry Family said...

She has gotten so big, and she is soooooooo cute! I think I know who Jazzy's favorite Auntie is!

Dacia said...

Bet she loves her Auntie!!! She looks like she's so enjoying that sucker!